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Sunday, January 15, 2017

January 2017 Updates

Next post planned for Tuesday 2/7/17 evening EST. 

Image 1: Eglin AFBs accompanied by Tyndall AFB F-22s. Image Credit: USAF.

I decided to create a Twitter account to post future blog updates, article announcements, and interesting articles I come across. For those who don't use Twitter, I will continue to post updates on the blog.

I am current writing two articles at the moment, "Russian Networked Command and Control – Limitations and Recent Developments" and "Threat Analysis: Su-35S Part III – Maneuverability & VKS Training" both of which required an extensive period of time to write given the difficultly of finding research materials in those topics. Both of these articles will provide a foundation for the F-22 vs. Su-35S scenario article.

Recommended Media

U.S. 1960s training film detailing types of electronic jamming and how countermeasures work, while the systems of changed many of the fundamental principles remain the same.

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