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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Updates February 2014

Image 1: Exercise Western Zephyr. Image Credit: Kayla Newman

About every month or so I try to give readers a preview of what they can expect in the next few weeks.

Upcoming Articles 

(1) The Uncertain Future of America's Raptors - Part II: this article will discuss ways in which the USAF is currently seeking to adapt its Raptor force towards a Pacific oriented defense posture.

(2) The Uncertain Future of America's Raptors - Part III: building off of part II, part III will include a list of recommendations in areas where the USAF has not addressed with regards to adapting its Raptor force.

(3) Divergent Thinking: How Best to Employ Fighter Aircraft Part II - The American Approach: Due to popular demand, I'll write it once I finish the Raptor series.

As always, thank you for your continued patience. As an author, I try to make this blog distinct from many other blogs by not using stream of contentiousness or making unsubstantiated claims. Unfortunately, that does come at the price of increased time spent writing and researching each article. When it comes to blogging, I've found quantity certainty does not have a quality of its own. The Uncertain Future of America's Raptors - Part II will be released in a few days, thank you.


  1. Thanks Matt for the update. You are correct about quantity not equalling quality. Unfortunately the internet encourages attention deficiency and instant gratification via ease of posting comments, photos and unsubstantiated opinions. Thank you for maintaining your high standard. I didn't mention it before but I'm not only impressed by the quality of your work, but the fact you are a student- youth usually doesn't equal well researched thoughtful analysis on par with other more seasoned observers.



  2. Thank you A, that is very kind of you to say. I'm glad all the time and effort I've put into improving my writing and research methods has resulted in tangible improvements since I started this blog five years ago.