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Friday, July 26, 2013

Updates July 2013

Image 1: Japanese F-2 fighter.

Every month or so I try to give viewers an idea of as to what I"m up to. Two articles are currently nearing completion: Defeating China's Anti-Access Strategy: The US Perspective and Implications of the Potential Russia-China Arms Deal. One of the two should be published by Monday. Also I'm experimenting out a gadget on blogger. You can decide which article I prioritize to work on and publish first out of the list given on the top right side bar; I try to be as accommodating to my audience as possible.

Furthermore, I plan to publish a number of shorter opinion pieces in an effort to boost content and hopefully shorten the average lengths of articles. Last time I tried to show my colleagues some of my work, they responded with "cool story brah" and tltr (too long; didn't read). So I'll try and work on not being verbose. I can't help it in some cases though as the topics covered here are often technically complex.

As far as news is concerned, here are a few interesting developments:

  1. U.S. Seeks Expanded Role for Military in Philippines - NY Times 
  2. AIM-9X Block III to Become a BVR Missile - Defense Update
  3. South Korea reopens bidding for stalled fighter jet competition - Reuters
  4. 100th F-35 enters final assembly - Flight Global
  5. KAI Publishes Small KF-X Concept - Aviation Week 
  6. South Korea’s F-X Project and Structural Disarmament - The Diplomat
  7. White House Must Bolster Pacific Strategy Across Government: Former CNO, HASC Members -Breaking Defense 
  8. In Symbolic Move, US Delays Delivery of F-16s to Egypt - Defense News 
  9. RIAT: Multi-role Typhoon 'over-delivering', RAF official claims - Flight Global

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