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Monday, March 18, 2013

Blog Updates 2013

Image 1: Happy Saint Patrick's day (from North Korea). Clearly bright green camo is best suited to dead grass foliage environments. Apparently North Korean troops do not have basic marksmanship training either. If the intention is to hit a target, one does not generally shoot from the hip (unless its Hollywood). Image retrieved via Reuters 2013:

I'm pretty busy but here's my agenda:
  • Canada and F-35 Updates: plan to added more information and new proposal options to both parts I and part III. Got a lot of good feedback as a result of forums, thanks to those who contributed. Planned additional information includes: UAI, CF-18 life maintenance and life extension possibilities, CF-35 electronic warfare capabilities, and more. I'll post an update once the modifications have been made. 
  • New Articles in progress: The Future of America's Eagles Part II, The Uncertain Future of America's Raptors Part I, The Future of America's Strike Eagles
  • Planned Articles: What would an American Strike on Iran Accomplish?; America's Next Generation Bomber Part II (LSRB); The State of the NATO Alliance; The Importance of C4ISR; What Would a War Between The US And China Look Like? - analysis of air and sea assets
As always, let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns in the comments.

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Sorry about the North Korean silliness. I'll be more professional in the future (probably).

North Korean Air Force propaganda video: (gotta love the translations!)

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