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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Reading List

Due to my busy work schedule, I will likely not post anything for the next week. Here is a list of suggested videos and articles took keep you occupied in the meantime. Let me know what you guys think.


Commemorative 67th Fighter Squadron: Raytheon Award

Danish Air Force F-16 DEMO-FLIGHT HD

Russian Air Force 100th Anniversary Video: 20 aircraft Formation

Meteor Missile Test (2:30)

Lecture Innovations Towards Invisibility The CIA OXCART Project and A-12 Reconnaissance Aircraft

Special Thanks to David Axe, David Cenciotti, and Dave Majumdar for the video references

Suggested Articles:  

USAF Related:
U.K, U.S. Prep for Red Flag By BRIAN EVERSTINE (Raptor and Eurofighter)
AIM-9X Block II performing better than expected By: DAVE MAJUMDAR
F-22 Raptors need helmet-mounted cueing system to take full advantage of AIM-9X By By: DAVE MAJUMDAR
Raytheon and General Atomics team-up to integrate MALD onto Reaper By DAVE MAJUMDAR
Guam Tip of the spear: By Dr Carlo Kopp
Adaptive Engines: By Rebecca Grant 
Simulation plays vital role in building F-35 tactics and aircraft development By DAVE MAJUMDAR
US Acquisition of Soviet Aircraft: "We didn’t know what 90 percent of the switches did" By Bill Sweetman

Russia & China
IN FOCUS: Russian's next-generation bomber takes shape By VLADIMIR KARNOZOV
China Upgrades Iranian Jets By David Axe
Bear Bombers Over Guam By Bill Gertz
How Russia fears being forgotten By Lucian Kim
Obama’s rudderless China, Russia policy By Michael Mazza

German Air Force receives MANTIS air defense system
Sweden’s Military Spending To Rise? By GERARD O’DWYER
Use Patriot missiles to defend Sweden: minister The Local
BAE releases footage of Typhoon Meteor firing By By: CRAIG HOYLE


  1. The last two videos were great!

    1. Thanks. Yeah the MBDA Meteor has a lot of potential. Learning about the Skunk Works is always awesome. In my opinion, Kelly Johnson was one of the greatest engineering minds America had during the Cold War.