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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Raptor & Typhoon Exercise Updates

Image 1: UK Typhoons train with USAF Raptors in preparation for Red Flag (Image Credit: USAF)

The performance concerns stemming from the Raptor's lack of a HMD has become increasingly apparent. These exercises give an interesting look at how 4.5 generation aircraft will stack up against their 5th generation counterparts. If the trend of off-boresight missiles and HMD's continues to play a role in exercises, this will certainly help the F-35 in VR combat. Once again, normal posts will resume next week.

“Raptor’s thrust vectoring not essential” Eurofighter pilot says in last chapter of the F-22 vs Typhoon saga By David Cenciotti
Top U.S. Stealth Jet Has to Talk to Allied Planes Over Unsecured Radio By David Axe
U.K, U.S. Prep for Red Flag By BRIAN EVERSTINE

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