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Monday, December 31, 2012

A New Year of Awesome

Image 1: It is what it is; don't question its awesomeness. All credit for image goes to Jason Heuser. Give his deviantart page a quick look for more stuff like this. :)

Around this time four years ago I had roughly 3,600 views, now we are at almost 56,000! Thanks guys for all the support. I will continue to write articles next year and hopefully make it the best year for this blog yet. Furthermore  I am considering writing some opinion pieces e.g. the state of the NATO alliance, current events, etc.  Don't worry, they won't be dumbed down from by impartial "report" style articles. I will still publish a majority of report articles. It just makes it easier on me so I can put out more content.

I am always interested in your feedback! You guys influence what I write about so let me know. I might go back and update a few of the older posts. For example, an astute viewer let me know about some radar information I aught to change in the F-35 Maneuverability Woes article. 

On another note, if you wouldn't mind, could you tell me how you found my blog? I'm curious as to how I can expand my audience. 


  1. I was searching terms like radar cross-section or something months ago and that's how I found one of the articles. I didn't stick around that time though.

    It's when I searched again to find rarely discussed positive aspects of the F-35 when I found this blog again and decided the other info I liked reading about would also probably be here. Happy new year! :)