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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Upcoming/Possible Articles Summer 2012

Image 1: India's highly capable Russian built Su-30 MKI 4.5 generation fighter.

I plan to write on at least a few of the following topics:

  1. Threat Analysis of Foreign Stealth Fighters Part II: Sukhoi PAK FA (work in progress) 
  2. F-35 Development and Performance Concerns  (work in progress)
  3. What Would an Israeli Strike on Iran Accomplish? 
  4. Keeping America's Eagles in Shape, F-15 Upgrades & Fleet Modernization 
  5. MMRCA Competition: Did India Make the RIght Choice? Part II  (work in progress)
  6. China's Cyber Warfare Capabilities 
  7. PLANAF vs IAF: comparison of capabilities & equipment 
  8. Oversized: Russia's Obsession with Massive Military Equipment  (work in progress)

Please direct suggestions, concerns, and constructive criticism to either the comments section or the email address provided on my blogger profile, thank you. 

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