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Saturday, August 13, 2011


The PLAAF has many "showy" items such as fighter aircraft but lacks the support and logistics units that make the rest of the force formidable. For example, China only has 10 tanker aircraft as opposed to the USAF's 477. This severely limits the range of PLAAF aircraft and restricts them from operating beyond their region. Additionally, the PLAAF lacks widespread AWACS capabilities. Meaning that their command and control capabilities as well as battle field awareness is severely hindered. The U.S has 59 as opposed to China's 4. One aspect missing from this chart I created is intelligence assets such as UAVs and reconnaissance planes. A contingent of U.S RQ-4B Global Hawks has been recently stationed in Guam. These reconnaissance aircraft can keep vigil for over a day at a time while scanning thousands of miles of ocean.
"In a world where knowledge equals power, the RQ-4 is among the most powerful aircraft ever." -David Axe

China lacks these immense intelligence gathering capabilities that the USAF posses. You can't hit what you can't see. China also lacks the unparalleled satellite coverage the U.S maintains. The US has over 400 military satellites which is four times the amount maintained by the runner up, Russia. Despite China's modernization program and and unveiling of the J-20, the PLAAF remains undeveloped and immature in comparison to the USAF. America may be in a state of decline, but the skies are firmly in our grasp.


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